MenuCoster is a web-based recipe and menu management tool that is easy, fast and fun to use.

MenuCoster provides recipe costing, nutritional analysis and menu pricing. It is set up and ready-to-go, requiring no installation or training.

With ingredient prices updated directly from nation-wide suppliers as often as they change, MenuCoster ensures your recipe prices are always up to date.

No credit card required. Nothing to install. Get up and running in under a minute!

Easy recipe costing software

Why MenuCoster?

Get started in minutes

Simple and intuitive to use

No installation or maintenance

Safe, secure & backed up

Privacy & security guaranteed

Instant and accurate recipe costing

No guesswork

Instant and accurate recipe costing

Menu pricing

Menu pricing

Always know your most profitable menu item

recommended daily intakes


Instantly know how your recipes compare with recommended daily intakes

Easy to use

Easy to use

Log-in and you're up and running


No wasted time updating prices

It's all done for you!

I don’t know what I’ve been doing without it for so long!

- Shannon Hale,
Executive Chef, Portage and Waitakere Licensing Trusts

MenuCoster is an extremely efficient and effective tool for me to use, particularly in such a large kitchen operation as found at our hotel.

Volker Marecek,
Executive Chef of The Langham, Auckland

We used to absolutely dread the task of updating ingredient prices and recalculating recipes.

Bruce Maunsell,
Owner, Bosco and Huhu Cafes